Review Policy

I’m happy to be accepting print books for reviewing purposes! Please read the following before you get in contact with me:

  • I generally read any Young Adult or New Adult novel.
  • All of my reviews are honest. If I dislike a book, I won’t review it in a hateful manner, but will give my honest opinions on it.
  • I can’t guarantee I will be able to read your book, therefore meaning I won’t be able to review it how I normally would. However, I will review it as a DNF (Did Not Finish), explaining why the book wasn’t for me, and who may like it. If I do read your book, the review will be presented like previous ones on my blog.
  • I don’t have a reviewing schedule, but getting my review up as fast as I can is a priority.

I’m also happy to host blog tours and author interviews as well.

You can find me at:


Twitter: @thebookcrunch

Instagram: @thebookcrunch


– Emma


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