I Preferred the Movie To the Book

Whilst movie and TV adaptations of our favourite books bring an array of feelings to the fandom – excitement over seeing characters brought to life, dread over it being done wrong – it’s a universally acknowledged fact that the book will always be better than the adaptation.

…Or will it?

Today’s secret is something quite controversial, but it’s the truth: I preferred the movie to the book.


Can I still call myself a bookworm? Am I going to be banned from the bookish community?! Books and their adaptations are quite a controversial topic, with fandoms being divided by a five worded question:

The book or the adaptation?

I love books, and I’m normally happy to hear when an adaptation is in the works. It’s a chance to see characters that I love up on the screen, and see what other people envisioned this work of fiction to be.

But there are some terrible adaptations out there. Whilst not all adaptations fail, a lot will never live up to the book they are based upon, and some book fans make their opinions on this very known (which I’ve been known to do, just ask my friends what I think about The Mortal Instruments movie).

Here’s the deal:

The Duff is possibly one of my favourite movies ever. It’s full of hilarious quips and always puts me in a great mood when I’m feeling down. (And it has Robbie Amell in it, so there’s that too haha!)

The Duff novel is completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book! I feel like it tackled some really important issues, which the adaptation sort of side-stepped. I can’t completely remember what happened in the book, but I know I felt pretty disappointed upon finishing it.

The thing was I enjoyed the movie mainly because of how funny it was, and the book didn’t really have that aspect to it. Due to them being so different, I think it really was down to the fact I saw the movie first, so I expected something different from the book. I can easily see if being the other way round if I’d read the book first.

But I didn’t. And so now here I am, with the fact that I preferred the movie adaptation to the book is was based upon.

What are your thoughts on books and their adaptations – can an adaptation ever be better?


– Emma

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I Own More TBR Than Read Books

Today I’m bringing you guys a brand new segment on the blog called Bookworm’s Confess, because I figured it was about time to tell you guys all of my bookish secrets. And I’m hoping I’ll be able to coax a few bookish secrets out of you guys, too!



Today’s secret is one of my own, and it’s not something I’m particularly proud of.

There was a time that my personal library consisted of a much smaller collection of books, my TBR was sort of under control, and Goodreads was really a necessity to find new books to read and purchase.

That was years ago. Now, that small collection of books has grown and expanded, and I’m the proud owner of a hoard of books. But my secret isn’t that I kind of have an addiction to buying books. My secret (which you already know if you’ve read this posts title) is that the majority of the books I own are unread.

Image result for gasp gif

Yeah, you read that right. I know it sounds terrible, but it’s the truth: I buy books faster than I read them, and it’s something I’m sort of ashamed to say. But there, it’s off my chest! Now, time to explain:

A lot of the books I own I have read. For a while I had a pretty similar amount of read and unread books – read books always making up the majority of my mini hoard. That is, until the last couple of months.

With all these new 2017 releases being irresistible, the scales have tipped in the unread piles favour, and I’ve found myself to be in a rather sticky situation: I’m surrounded by unread books, and I keep adding more to the list.

On the one hand, having so many unread books is great. I always have reading material at my fingertips – and a variety of books to choose from, at that. On the other, it’s a bit overwhelming to have so many books waiting to be read  And I can’t really afford to go buying new releases (though of course I still do, haha), which is hard because the awesome bloggers I follow are always raving about books that sound great!

Some of you are probably wondering why I don’t go on a book buying ban, or give away some of the books I’m not really that interested in reading anymore. And they’re great questions, for sure – but my issue is:

  1. I don’t have the will to stick to a ban. I’ve tried before, and I failed miserably.

Haha! So it seems I’m stuck with this terrible ratio of read to unread books at the moment. I seriously need to get my read on!

But there you have it! My secret is out! If you’d be interested in perhaps talking about your own bookish confessions on my blog, you can either leave a comment, or contact me by:

Email: emmajanebug@gmail.com

Instagram: @thebookcrunch

Twitter: @thebookcrunch


– Emma

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