Obsessively Looking After Books!

So I have something to admit to you guys: I used to be a right stickler about the condition of my books. As in, I’d wash my hands before I’d touch them, and would do anything to make sure not even a hint of a crease was visible on their spines.

And I mean, it’s not like I don’t care now about how my books look – I do! I don’t want them torn and beaten up, but I’m not going to cry if they are (unless they’re my autographed ones, in which case someone will pay!). However, when I’m reading them, it’s not at an angle where the book is basically closed to keep the spine intact, like how I used to.

No, I’ve changed these last couple of months. I’ve decided that comfort, and actually enjoying the process of holding and reading a physical book, is more important than how the book looks in the end.

This is how I used to look after my books – obsessive bookworm style!

1. Clean hands:Unwashed hands are a no go – you think dirt is coming anywhere near my pristine book covers? Oh no. Wash them until they sparkle, please.

2. Being aware of your surroundings:

Is there a drink near you that could possibly fall and spill onto your book? Or perhaps you want to put your book down, but said surface could be wet/dirty? Being paranoid of everything is a good thing – it makes accidents avoidable.

3. Protect it with your life:

You’re falling down the stairs and the book is going with you? Protect that book like it’s a million year old historic statue worth over a billion pounds: do not drop it.

4. But then you realise your love for the perfect state of your book was the destruction of it:

You bent one of the corners hugging it to yourself. All in all, life sucks.

5. You then accept you went a little overboard:

Maybe not letting other people touch the book and shouting at them when they try to is a little too far.

6. But you listen to the insane bookworm side of your conscience like you always do (*swear word used in gif!):

And the world makes sense again.

How do you look after your books? Do you keep them in a perfect condition, or have the attitude of ‘whatever happens, happens’?



– Emma

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Finding Time To Read

Hey guys!

Unless you’re living the ideal life, most of us bibliophiles can’t just read all day. As much as we want to, we have other aspects of our life to get on with.

So how, exactly, if your schedule is full to the brim, and the only moments you have to yourself are those bliss seconds before you fall asleep, do you find time to read?

In most cases, you don’t. I’m very busy at the moment, with my exams coming up, and I’m struggling to find the time to read. At first, I just found there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. But then the rebellious side of my bibliophilic nature made it’s appearance, and started conjuring up ideas!

If you’re struggling, here are some times you might be able to sneak in a read:

1. On your way to work/school/anywhere.

No matter where you’re going, take a book for the journey! If you’re taking public transport, distract yourself by reading! Or if you’re driving yourself, you could end up arriving early: use those spare minutes wisely, and read!

2. Read when you’re on your lunch break.


It is possible to hold food in one hand and a book in the other, honestly – just have napkins on standby, because it can sometimes get very messy.

3. Don’t be afraid to be the only one reading in a public space!

If you’re anything like me, you might feel a bit…uncomfortable when reading in public. I always feel as if people are staring at me, and judging me for sitting and reading. But who cares if they are?! Own it – you’re a proud bookworm and you’re not afraid to show it!

Sorry for the random post! I’m really busy at the moment, but I’m trying to post at least a couple of times a week.

How about you – how/where do you find time to read?!


– Emma

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The Woes of Having a Long TBR

The problem with having a long TBR list is deciding what you’re going to read next.

And there’s also the fact that it’s pretty daunting to have such a large amount of unread books overshadowing you. It leads to questions such as will you ever get round to reading them all? Will you still want to?

So the time might finally come about that you want to de-clutter your list. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done when it comes to deciding which books you’re going to essentially ‘write-off’, so…

Here’s how to know when it’s time to remove a book from your TBR list:

1. You added it just because of the cover.

It’s okay, we’ve all done it! From time to time, you come across a novel with such a beautiful cover that it feels like a crime not adding it to your TBR. But it’s time to let the beautiful covers go, my friends: it’s what’s inside that counts!

2. You TBR’d the whole series, but it was a big mistake.

So you added a whole series to your TBR list, but it turns out you have no intentions of reading on beyond the first book. It’s very tempting to add whole series’ to your list – however, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually like it, no matter how good it sounds. It’s always sad to finally give up on a series, but sometimes the books just aren’t for you. You’ve got to accept it’s time to let them go.

3. You can’t remember adding it to your list, and it’s no longer your cup of tea.

There’s no shame in finding you don’t like the sound of a book anymore! I do it all the time – I can’t tell you how many books I don’t remember adding to my Goodreads list, and then looking at them and thinking, ‘did I really like the sound of that‘? It’s happened to the best of us bookworms, I’m sure. Whether it be because your taste has changed, or you simply didn’t read the synopsis properly, ditch that book.

How do you decide when you made a mistake with a TBR book? Let me know in the comments!

On another note, I wanted to say thank you to my best friend Beth (The Books Are Everywhere), because she went to an author signing yesterday, and bought me back a personally signed copy of a book about friendship! How lucky am I, to have a friend that buys me books?!!


– Emma

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A Bookish Guide: Admitting You Have Too Many Books

It’s probably one of the most difficult situations that a bibliophile can find themselves in when they’re on the path of admitting they have too many books.

If you find yourself identifying with these stages, it’s highly possible you’re a crazed bibliophile, and need some serious bookish help!

You go through the five stages:

1. Denial. When the possibility first flutters into your mind that you may have too many books, you flat out deny it. 

I mean, having too many books isn’t actually a thing…is it?!

2. You get a little angry.

When you have nowhere to put your precious books, to the point where you’re tripping over them on your floor, it gets a bit frustrating. It’s everyone and the worlds fault that you don’t have the space for the copious amount of books you own. You definitely can’t have so many books that it’s sort of ridiculous…

3. You try to bargain with yourself.

The wardrobe can go; the chest of draws can go; the bed can go – just give my books the loving bookcase they deserve! I’m sure the floor would make nice sleeping grounds for your back, anyways.

4. You realise that life sucks, and fall into a deep, bookish depression.

You want all of the books; you can’t have all the books. The ones you already own have swarmed your house, taking over your room and spilling out (literally) into the rest of place. It’s time to admit the impossible: enough is enough.

5. Finally, after that whirlwind, you accept the obvious: you’re close to experiencing a book-avalanche and you need help.

So, the diagnosis was hard: you’re a bookaholic; a completely crazed bibliophile.

But now that you’ve admitted this, accepted it, what can you do to fix it?

Well, that’s the simple part: you buy a bigger house.


– Emma

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