Blog Sweet Blog!

Hey guys!

I’m back  (sort of)! The first lot of my exams are over, and I have a ‘free’ week before they start up again, which means…


I can’t even express how much I’ve missed blogging! Not talking about books has been a real difficulty, and not reading them has been too. And, of course, I’ve missed talking to you guys about all things bookish, and reading other people’s posts!

So now, I luckily have nearly a whole week to just read, blog and sleep! (I say only nearly a whole week because I unfortunately still have to revise, but oh well!)

Here’s an update on my bookish life:


I finished reading Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon! I’ll be posting my full review tomorrow, but here’s a little snippet from it:

This was a very suspenseful book, and finding out the truth was like a breath of fresh air on a lovely spring day. And though it did have it’s faults, they were minor! The good parts definitely outweighed the bad.

If you like suspenseful, Young Adult thrillers, this book is for you!

I really did enjoy this book, so I’d definitely check it out if you’re into that genre!


I also read The Raven Boys, and it was AMAZING! I loved Maggie Stiefvater’s The Wolves of Mercy Falls series when I read it all those years ago, but this book was on another level! I can’t wait to carry on with the series (I’m very patiently waiting for my exams to be over before I start the next one!). My review for that will probably be posted sometime this week too!

I’m now currently reading…


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

My main reason for picking this book up wasn’t because of it’s blurb (even though it sounds awesome), nor for how pretty the cover is (because it’s pretty darn pretty). So you might be thinking: well, why did you pick the book up then?

I picked up this book because of the author’s tweets. I know, it sounds really strange, doesn’t it? But I follow Victoria Aveyard on twitter, and she has officially become my hero – she is hilarious!

Anyway, I’m really enjoying Red Queen so far, which I’m glad about since I’ve heard such good things about it!

On another note, that isn’t really anything bookish, I got my first Pop Funko! My awesome sister was kind enough to get it me as a present, and it’s amazing!!


It’s the Mad Hatter – isn’t it just wonderful?!!

Hope you guys are all well, and have had a great couple of weeks!


 – Emma

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