A Schedule of Sorts + More Books!

Hey guys!

My post yesterday was all about how I own too many books, and how I’m thinking of selling some of the ones I don’t want to read – so, guess what did I ended up doing today?

Adding to the already overwhelming number of books in my possession.

What is wrong with me?!!

I went to a charity shop of sorts, and they had books (lots of books), and I just couldn’t stop myself! I ended up spending only £6.97 all together, on four books, so the damage wasn’t bad that way. But where I can put them is the problem!

There is a plus side to this dilemma though : I am planning on selling one of them! It’s a first edition, limited and signed hardback. I brought it in the hopes I would either love it, or be able to sell it.

On the schedule side of things…

I’ve decided I need some sort of regularity, so here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: /

Tuesday: Book Reviews

Wednesday: /

Thursday: A Bookish Guide

Friday: Crunch Time (Random)

Saturday: /

Sunday: General Update

I can’t promise I’ll stick to this, however I’m going to give it a go. There’s also the monthly posts I’ll still be doing (like the chat with my book club!).

I’ve finally decided to get my blog sorted again, and I’m feeling very optimistic about it. Thanks for supporting my blog guys, it truly means so much to me.

[p.s: Look out for my review of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare tomorrow!]


– Emma



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