The Liebster Award

Hey guys!

The lovely Beth from The Books Are Everywhere nominated me for the Liebster award! I have actually already done this award, but it’s a bit different than it was before, so I thought I’d do this version too.

the rules

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

the questions

1. If you could choose anyone to write an autobiography, who would you choose?

Rachel Caine or Cassandra Clare. They’re the authors of my favourite series’, and I’d love to know more about their lives, and how they came to be writers!

2. Where do you want to visit before you die?

Italy – it looks like such a beautiful place! And/or La Ville Lumière (the city of light – Paris).

3. Name a character you admire.

Claire Danvers, from The Morganville Vampires series. Everything that she overcame was just amazing, and I aspire to be like her.

4. Think of a favourite cover of yours, what is it and why do you like it?

The new UK edition of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.


How gorgeous is this cover?! In fact…






How gorgeous are all of the new covers?!!

5. What’s your favourite colour for covers and spines?

I don’t think I have a favourite, if I’m honest! But I’m not too fond of oranges and yellows sometimes.

6. Write a short note to one of your favourite authors about why you love their books so much.

So I’m going to skip this question, only because I have something very special related to this coming up in the next few days – look out on Wednesday/Thursday for it!

7. Do you like covers with people on?

It depends on how it’s done really – for instance, I hate these covers for Gone and Anna And The French Kiss:

ugly gone


But I like these covers for The Dead House and Trial By Fire:



8. Where is your favourite place to read?

My room – my window lets in a lot of light, and it’s got beautiful views.

9. Do you read a lot of fantasy?

Fantasy and paranormal/supernatural are my favourite genres, so yes!!

10. Name a popular bookish couple you don’t ship.

Isla and Josh from Isla And The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. I loved the other two books in the series, but I found this one sort of annoying. Isla and Josh had no chemistry, in my opinion.

11. Name a book you think deserves more attention.

Two of my favourite series definitely deserve more attention: The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine and The Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini.

facts about me

– I have lots of animals (four dogs, two guinea pigs, three rabbits, one chicken)

– I adore music – I either see myself with a job to do with books/writing, or something in the music industry

– I’ve been to four concerts so far (Enrique Iglesias, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran at Wembley, and All Time Low last month!)

– Guinea pigs have to be one of the most adorable small animals to exist – my two pigs are called Maverick and Goose, in honour of Top Gun 😀

– I’m quite a paranoid person at times

– I’ve recently come to like thrillers – there was a tv show adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel, And Then There Were None, and it was amazing. I really want to read it now, and I’ve actually bought another one of her books!

– Sharks terrify me, but I’m also sort of obsessed with watching documentaries about them

– Rachel Caine, Cassandra Clare and Josephine Angelini are some of my favourite authors ever!

– I really want to get into audio books. I think I tried one when I was a kid, but never got the whole way through, but I’d love to give them a go soon!

– Pretty much every animal makes my heart melt.

– I’ve recently come obsessed with the song Therapy by All Time Low.

my nominees

Michelle from Book Adventures

Becca from Shihtzu Book Reviews

Brittney from A Bookworms Escape

Sophie from Book Wish

Jess from Jess’s Reading Nook

my questions

  1. What inspires your blog posts?
  2. Who is your ultimate otp?
  3. What makes you want to read a book? (Cover, synopsis etc.)
  4. Who is your book best friend?
  5. What is your all-time favourite genre?
  6. Tell us what motivated you to start your blog.
  7. Is this the only blog you’ve ever run?
  8. If you had to live in a book, which would you choose?
  9. What are your opinions on the stereo-typical version of bookworms?
  10. Pick a favourite Marvel movie!
  11. Do you find noise distracting when you’re reading, or do you like having something in the background?

I hope these questions aren’t too bad!

If you don’t want to do this award, don’t feel like you have to!


– Emma

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