The Inside Out Book Tag

Hey guys! The lovely Maria from Big City Bookworm tagged me for this one; thank you so much!

I actually watched Inside Out a few weeks back, and thought it was such a cute movie. (I feel like I’m literally a cross between fear and anger :D)

inside out book tag

A Book That Brings You Joy



Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini

This was such a hard choice to make – lots of my favourite books bring me joy, but I went with Starcrossed just because I’m about to start rereading it again soon! I absolutely adore the whole series. Josephine Angelini is an outstanding author, and reading this trilogy always makes me happy!

A Book That Brings You Sadness


Amazon | Review

Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck

Such an emotional novel; it made me sob, and so did the movie! But it was very touching, and it’s my favourite classic! (Not because it’s the only classic I’ve read…)

A Book That Brings You Fear



Unbreakable (Unraveling #2) by Elizabeth Norris

I haven’t read a book that’s really scared me, however, travelling through different realities does freak me out a bit. It’s extremely interesting to read about though, and I was heartbroken when I found out there wasn’t going to be a third book in this series.

A Book That Brings You Anger


Amazon | Review

The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night Time by Mark Haddon

The ‘curious incident’ that happened to the dog made me so angry. So angry. (You can see why in the spoiler section of my review!)

A Book That Brings You Disgust


Amazon | Review

Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant

I loved this book. It was so brilliant, and I found absolutely not faults with it…except how gory it was.

This tag was so much fun! I’m tagging:

Beth from The Books Are Everywhere

Sophie from Mind of a (Book) Dragon

R from The Mystery Reader

Pearl from Pearl’s Book Journey

Sophie from Book Wish


 – Emma

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