TBR Problems

I’m having a big TBR problem at the moment guys.

I have a lot of books in my TBR pile, which isn’t a problem in itself – it means I have plenty of books to choose from for my next read!

But the problem is owning so many unread books.

The amount of books I own that I haven’t read yet is overwhelming – and yet, I still keep buying new ones. It’s so daunting to have so many books to read. It would be fine if I actually wanted to read them, but I don’t. I see them on my shelf, and then I see books in shops, and I just want to read the ones I don’t own!

Who would have known life as a book lover would be so hard, huh?

However, I had decided that I can’t keep buying books and not reading the ones I own.

So I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion, the one that every bibliophile even hates the thought of: I’ve got to go on a book-buying ban.

Let the torture begin.


– Emma

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3 thoughts on “TBR Problems

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