Manga: A First Taste

Hey guys!

In the last month of 2015, I really started getting into anime. I began watching a series called ‘Blue Exorcist’ and just fell. In. Love. 

I literally binge-watched the series, guys. Whenever I had the TV on, it was highly unlikely it wasn’t this anime. And so when I came across the manga section in Waterstones after Christmas, I thought I’d check to see if they had the manga of the series.

And they did.

I read it the day after, and loved it. I’d never read manga before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I did know you read it back to front, but I didn’t realise until after a couple of nonsensical pages that you also read it from right-to-left too!

And though I was a little skeptical at first, it was really awesome! I considered doing a review on it, but I had no clue how to review it, and I still don’t. It’s not the same as reviewing a normal book, you know?

I also read the first Tokyo Ghoul manga on New Year’s Day – and dare I say, it might have been even better than Blue Exorcist. I’m planning on watching the anime after I’ve read the manga, which I’m hoping to get the next of soon!

So as a conclusion, my first taste of manga was great. I loved pretty much everything about it – sure, did I get a bit confused in places? Of course! But it doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re super good!


Have any of you guys read any manga? If so, what’s your favourite so far?


(p.s: what are your thoughts on anime? I know some people who love it, and some people who just can’t stand it – comment below!)

– Emma

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12 thoughts on “Manga: A First Taste

  1. I don’t really read manga. Mostly because buying the volumes is too expensive and anyplace I try to read online (on phone) has a million popups so I don’t even bother. I watch anime though!!! I’ve never seen Blue Exorcist but maybe I should check it out. My faves are Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Haikyuu, and Inuyasha 🙂

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    • They are, I’m trying to see if I can find them online cheaper. And it’s really good, I recommend it! I’ve heard of Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note, I really want to start watching them!!


  2. Welcome to the anime and manga club. Check out Dragon Ball. It’s an OG and not too terribly long either. I recently bought volume 1 of One Punch Man(Havent read it yet though) Vol 1 and 2 of Seven Deadly Sins(It’s great so far) and Volume 1 of Food Wars (It’s great as well)

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    • Haha thank you! I’ll have to have a look at them – I think I saw One Punch Man online when I was looking earlier, and I did start watching the anime of Seven Deadly Sins, I’ll have to check out the manga too!


  3. I’ve read one of the Blue Exorcist volumes (but not the first one, because I borrowed it from the library, and they only had a midway volume, so I was like: ‘hell, I’m reading it anyway!’) I vaguely remember it being pretty damned cool. I highly recommend Vampire Knight – it’s awesome if you enjoy YA/paranormal stuff.

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  4. Good for you. Congrats on your first taste. I love both anime & manga, although I’m focusing more on watching anine lately than reading manga. My taste is very varied but I tend to like fantasy-action a lot. Anyway, I hope that you get to read more manga in the future & even watch anime. Cheers!

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