New Year Countdown: 2 Days To Go

So I completed my Goodreads challenge (you can add me on there if you want!) a few days back, and I’m now two books over my goal. I did have to change my original one though, because I really over-estimated how many books I’d be reading this year.

I’ve read forty books – and I’m sort of pleased, but also disappointed at the same time. Because last year, while I did have more time on my hands, I read a whole lot of books, and I haven’t read anywhere near that much this year.

But ah well; it could have been much less, couldn’t it? And it’s not about quantity, but about quality, and I have read some excellent books this year!

Moving on to the post!

My second favourite book of the year is…


All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I’ll probably be kicking myself at some point for putting this book in at number two, but it’s a realistic contemporary novel, and because it’s my favourite genre, I just have to have a paranormal/fantasy book win!

But let’s talk about this book. This amazing, soul-bearing book that made me laugh, made me cry (or rather, sob) and really made me open my eyes to the world.

It was enlightening, and brutally honest. Jennifer Niven has an amazing way with words, and an undeniable creative spark that most authors would kill for.

I fell in love with the characters, and though it really struck me emotionally, I just fell in love with this book.

It was truly outstanding, and I think Jennifer Niven is some sort of Goddess for creating what she has.

You can get All the Bright Places from Amazon!


– Emma

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