Reading Means A Lot To Me

There are only so many adventures the people of earth can go on – and the majority of the time, people aren’t brave enough to do the things they would actually love to experience. This is where books come in: tales of real-life and not-so real-life adventures that you can experience along with loved characters.

I’m not a very out-going person, and so I find that the saying of how ‘a reader has lived a thousand lives’ (through books) is very true. I love the idea that while I don’t actually experience these things myself (mostly because, hey, vamps and such don’t exist) I’ve sort of ‘lived’ through them with the characters.

You see, there’s nothing special about me. I’m just an ordinary girl (I mean, I’m a bit more introverted than your average gal, but otherwise…) in an ordinary world, and the idea that there’s something more when you read books is just so amazing to me.

Reading means an awful lot to me. It got me through a rough period in my life, and still helps me and calms me if I’m having a bad day. Just losing yourself in the words of another world and ‘living’ the life of a fictional character…it’s pretty beautiful that certain words arranged on a page can mean so much.

How about you? What does reading mean to you?


– Emma

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3 thoughts on “Reading Means A Lot To Me

  1. Reading for me is an escape. It’s a time where I can forget all of my troubles and immerse myself in another world. I have mild anxiety, so reading for me is a way to be brave.

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