The Horrors of Book-Buying Bans

To any bibliophile, book-buying bans suck. Majorly.

But unfortunately, we sometimes have to put ourselves through a few torturous months to save money, clear some space, and read all of those unread books that are lining our shelves.

Here’s why book-buying bans are the bane of my (and I’m sure your) existence:

  1. When you have a best friend who is too a bibliophile, and isn’t on a book ban. They don’t mean to, but they sort of wave their newly bought books in your face. They drag you into bookshops, unaware of the pain they’re unknowingly  causing you while your crazed book side quietly dies in the corner of the room from not being able to buy any of the beautiful, new books.
  2. Seeing books online. I love Instagram, and my feed is overflowing with beautiful photos of books – and it just makes me want them so much! Goodreads has to be avoided at all costs; with the descriptions and reviews, a trip to that site when you can’t buy books is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. Not wanting to read the books you have. But they’re the only reading material you’ve got. If you don’t want to read them, what do you have to read? Nothing. Which means, you’re not reading (and I’m pretty sure this is breaking my soul).
  4. I can’t face my TBR list. I mean, I can. I did yesterday; but it’s just quite painful because I can’t buy any of the books I desperately want to read! You’re probably wondering ‘if this is such a bad thing, why I don’t you just ignore the list while you can’t buy any books’? I would if I could, but with Christmas coming, I’m being asked what I want. And of course, I want books!!
  5. I’m a book-buying-aholic. I think there’s enough said with just that.

Those are my five main reasons why book-buying bans suck! What do you guys hate about book-buying bans?


– Emma

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