On A Day Off…

An ideal day for me is going out in the morning, and then coming home and doing all the things I love the most. Which is things like reading, writing, listening to music and watching Netflix. Yes, guys, the truth is finally coming out: I’m a really lazy person.

But the thing is, I don’t really mean to be. I’ll be reading, and the day will just slip away before I even notice. Reading gets me like that – it takes me to a whole other place. And I’m sure it’s not just me that it does that to. The only time that I come out of that book-induced world is when it’s feeding time (It’s a bit like a zoo at my house; we have quite a few animals).

Anyway, that is what I’d do if I had a free day! (Though, if I’m completely honest, I try and get away with having days like this as often as I can…)

What about you? What would your ideal day off consist of?


– Emma

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