Damaged Books

Hey fellow bookworms/dragons!

This is the first Bibliophilic Problems post, and I thought I’d do it about something that actually happened to me today.

For me, my worst nightmare is having my books harmed. It’s almost as if it physically hurts me myself – accidentally bending a book, or god forbid, ripping a page – it’s a catastrophe in this household.

You see, my books are my babies. I look after them, and keep them in good condition. When they get bent and wrecked, I feel genuinely upset. (Does that make me crazy? I hope not…)

I ordered a few books a couple of weeks back, and whilst two of them arrived days later, one has only just been delivered to me. Of course, having my book delivered late after I’d paid £2.50 for delivery wasn’t great, but all that really mattered was that the book arrived.

And it did!

I’ve been super excited to read The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh since I heard about it, and the anticipation has been sitting on my chest since I ordered it.

And then it arrived.


I was going to go on this major rant about how it annoyed me that after waiting so long for the book to arrive (after I’d paid for 3-5 days delivery) it wasn’t even in a good condition (especially considering the price) but it will just be very lengthy and boring and no-one wants to read that.

Instead, I thought I’d ask you guys a question! (This isn’t the QOTW, in case you were wondering!)

What do you do when one of you books get damaged? Do you simply shrug your shoulders and walk away, or do you let out this non-human sounding sob?

Answer in the comments below!


– Emma

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