Belated Birthday Present Joy!


So everyone knows that the best present you can ever get a bibliophile is books. It’s just common sense: bibliophile means ‘book lover’, so your go-to should be books.

And we’re always really grateful when you do. I mean, I would be over-joyed if I just got books for my birthday, or christmas. (Unfortunately, no-one ever seems to get this memo, not that I’m complaining!) Of course, I would also love book vouchers, and other bookish-related things, but books. Come. First.

My sister’s lovely friend has just given me a late birthday present, and guess what it was? Go on, guess! (The photo obviously doesn’t give it away…)

TWO AMAZING BOOKS! Those books were Talon by Julie Kagawa and Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

I’ve already read Throne Of Glass (which was Amazing!) and I nearly brought Talon last night, so I’m glad I didn’t! I’m so excited to read Talon though; I read a snippet online and it seems so good!

I’m probably just going to drop everything to read this book if I’m perfectly honest. (Guys, come on – it’s Julie Kagawa!!)

Have any of you read this? What did you think?


– Emma


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